Supercharged Noticing

supercharged noticing

What does noticing have to do with prayer? How can they work together for deep spiritual transformation? That is today’s topic. Prayer is a very important part of my life. It is often my lifeline as well as my plumb line. Prayer changes my life, prayer changes me. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Why Noticing Is Important


The Thoughtful Life Planner began with one word. NOTICING “Noticing” was first simply a tab in a three-ring binder I was using to plan some homeschool stuff, hold my monthly calendar and journal pages. Behind the tab was some loose-leaf lined paper, just like you might have had in your binder in high school or

The Love of God and Decimals


This is an adaptation of part of a talk I gave recently at my church’s women’s retreat. We are all at different points in our walks with God. And that path contains loops while it is still moving forward. I think it’s kind of like learning math concepts in school. When you first start learning place value,

Free Printable Blurt Cards

free printable to end blurting

If you spend any time working with kids, you know they are always thinking and making connections. And you also know that many kids like to “share” (aka blurt) their random thoughts (or insights as the case may be) as soon as these wonderful reflections have been on their brains for half a nanosecond. Teachers,